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      Who says it has to be a man's world?

      Put together by a woman, for women, "On the Go" provides special services and packages, exclusively for women, whether travelling alone or in groups of any size.

      Our purpose is to provide the widest selection of tours, holidays, excursions, accommodation, entertainment and adventure that can safely be enjoyed by women, removing the common barriers that women alone often experience.

      Available throughout South Africa, with "On the Go" the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do and enjoy with total peace of mind and great value for money.

      We arrange a variety of specialised tours and outings, from one-day excursions to full week packages. Whatever your passion, we can put together a custom package, using only preferred operators and facilities.

      Not too sure what you'd like to do? Try these thought-starters:

      Outdoor and Adventure
      Wildlife safaris
      Pony-trekking in the mountains
      Scuba diving
      Mountain climbing
      hot air ballooning

      Nightlife extravaganza do a tour of a selection of Durban's best nightspots and clubs.

      Sightseeing and ethnic tours
      Cultural tours - Durban and surrounds has an amazing range of museums, historical sites and art galleries, not to mention the well known Midlands meander. How about a theatre fest - see a different show at a different Durban theatre every day of the week.

      Beach holiday
      Explore and enjoy the wide variety of stunning beaches, offering everything from a lazy day in the surf and sun, through to the more cosmopolitan buzz of Durban's well-known Golden Mile beachfront.

      Health and Beauty
      Sheer indulgence. Aromathrapy massages, steam baths, beauty treatments and the rejuvination of body and soul.
      Enjoy a selection of treatments from different specialist therapists or indulge in a stay at one of kzn's professional wellness centres.
      There is a special going on with Soul Mantra Journeys.

      Custom Packages
      The above are just some ideas of the kind of tours, holidays and experiences that "On the Go" can arrange for you, co-ordinating your holiday seamlessly for a completely stress-free experience.

      Any combination of these or other activities of your choice can be combined to create an ideal getaway.

      Ladies Solo Club
      In addition to the above, "On the Go" also offers membership in its solo club, exclusive to women. Membership is only available to single women (including single mothers) and offers loads of benefits. Huge savings, a great way to meet new people, a safe way to travel and ongoing nurturing of mind, body and soul. Take a moment - click here to read about Women On The Go! - It could change your life.

      Contact us

      Cell: 082 041 5950