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      ON THE GO-is a company that has been operating for over 21years in the event and accommodation industry and eventually branching out into promotional wearing as well?


      ‘To be the leading events management company in the Country’. And to maintain that position we will continue to improve in all aspects of our business

      ‘to work with our clients and establish a long-term relationship for our mutual benefit’ and provide exceptional and timeous service, and be helpful at all times’

      ‘to be honest and open in all our dealings with all business partners and to work always to bring about harmony in these relationships’


      Our core philosophy is simple; we blend our deep experience & knowledge with innovative concepts and creative ideas in order to create a unique customer experience that clicks every time! Our aim is to deliver high quality holiday experience, exclusive leisure experiences, clever incentives, productive conferences. Our objective always has been to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We believe that our values are apparent in our innovative solutions. At On The Go we have a team of the finest and most dedicated professionals in travel and tourism. We take pride in combining our expertise with an exceptional personal touch to create the most captivating experiences at competitive rates. We like to think of ourselves as a company with a strong ethical outlook on life, our foundation is honesty. We respect each other, the environment and all cultural differences. Not only as human beings in everyday life, but also in our work, we strive to exceed expectations, while maintaining our ethics and values.

      Our Services
      Event management
      Venue finding
      Promotional items (promotional clothing & items)
      Tours and transfers

      How Do We Work

      You sit down with us and brief us on the nature of your business, Campaign, conference, event or promotional work at hand, and also give us your budget. We then brainstorm and source out all that meets your brief and budget, We provide costing of the ideas and samples you like. Given the go ahead we liaise with all providers and production and planning thereof, and finally we deliver.

      Our company has extensive knowledge in the hotel, venue and promotional Industries across South Africa.

      We know how to negotiate to the maximum benefit of the clients and as a result we produce the best available venues and quotes for conferences, accommodation events and promotional items.

      Laura Pillay

      Our marketing and sales executive is registered with SAACI and MPI (South African Association for the Conference Industry) as a PCO (Professional Conference Organizer).

      She also has a Post Graduate in Tourism Development and Management (University of Buckinghamshire in London).

      It is because of her extensive knowledge of the industries and her willingness to assist, that many of the clients prefer to do business with the company.

      One of the slogans which is quite appropriate: GIVE US YOUR REQUEST AND WE DO THE REST, actually is true of Laura She takes the worry away from you.

      Sydney Munsami Holds a Hon Degree (Ind Psychology) from Unisa and keeps the business together through prudent financial management.

      Recent Events In more recent times we have just done the ICAN 2013 Conference, holding 700 delegates, 75 ministers from all over the world.

      Fedusa have also tasked us with arranging accommodation and conference facilities, for National Training at various venues countrywide.

      SACCAWU (Pick & Pay Annual general meeting)
      (15 March 2015 at Durban Old Drive Inn).
      Meeting for 10 000 delegates another successful event at the Durban Old Drive Inn and also provided promotional wear there as well.

      Presently we are busy with arranging accommodation and conference venues in Cape Town for the SACCAWU in October 2015 for 500 delegates. In March 2016 we will be hosting IMATU, 500 delegates as well.

      In between these larger events we take care of the smaller functions and conferences with corporates, unions, government and locals.

      We will handle Your Function with Professionalism!