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      CONTACT US :   082 041 5950   info@onthego.co.za

      On The Go are holiday and venue brokers who deal exclusively in the area that we know so well - the beautiful and diverse country of South Africa.

      With over 20 years first-hand experience of the KZN province, our knowledge base covers the entire country, extending from the far South Coast, through Durban, North Coast and Natal midlands, on to the Cape province and inland.

      As professional brokers, we will source absolutely any venue, for any purpose, anywhere within South Africa. We will also put together any one of a number of tailored packages within our areas of expertise, to Your particular specifications.

      Best of all is that, by using us, you will not pay more. Because of the deals we are able to negotiate based on our outstanding reputation and many years of experience, you will in many cases pay less with us than if you went directly to the end supplier.

      This is not the only advantage to using "On The Go". In addition to getting the best value for money, you are also assured of getting what you expect. Our reputation and credibility have been twenty years in the making and it is something that we guard jealously. We therefore only use facilities that are to the highest standard within their category.

      Our areas of special expertise include









      082 041 5950    info@onthego.co.za