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      Women on the Go Travel Club

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      Welcome to the club that is exclusively designed to meet the unique needs of the modern woman. We wear so many different hats, fill so many different roles, try to excel in all of them and, as if that was not enough, we are so often left to feel that we're out there on our own.

      Where do single women connect with other single women? Where do single mums build their social lives amongst all the married friends? Where do we go to get away from it all, wanting to meet our children's needs and, maybe, if we're lucky, even some of our own?

      This is what Women On The Go's Ladies' Club is all about.

      • Meet other single women and single mums who are of like mind and in similar circumstances
      • Network with single women and single mums accross South Africa for business or leisure
      • Connect and meet new travel partners
      • Hook up with others for all or part of a holiday
      • Connect with others to share holiday expenses and make the impossible possible
      • Share ideas, get ideas and find out about the latest events and holiday offers
      • Enjoy major discounts (up to 50%) on select accommodation across the country
      • Be informed and invited to exclusive Women On the Go events countrywide, at special Club prices
      • Be invited to take part in exclusive Club tours and have a ball at our special Club rates.
      • Get a safe and free email address
      • Enjoy travel that is safe, secure, affordable.